Textile Dyeing and Finishing

Source: Doubletex
Textile Dyeing and Finishing
These manufacturing systems specialize in dyeing and finishing of fabrics...
These manufacturing systems specialize in dyeing and finishing of fabrics. With capabilities supported by highest quality equipment and information systems, they handle long or short production runs and quick turnaround, while maintaining competitive prices.

The manufacturer works with fabrics in carious weights of 100% Cotton, Poly/Cotton blends, 100% polyester, 100% Rayon, Poly/Rayon and Acetate/Rayon blends, and 100% nylon. Tencel blends are also used intensively. Dye lot sizes range from 25 yards to 10,000 yards and beyond, depending on fabric type and customer requirements.

There are extensive laboratory facilities, for testing of fabrics, fabric matching, quality control and R&D. Computerized spectro-photometric color stations are used for color matching, color measurement, and quality control.

Custom finishing is done to suit individual customer needs, including brushing, chintzing, crinkling, sueding, and laundering. in a variety of widths. A range of coated fabrics is also offered, for outerwear, accessories and other purposes. The manufacturer converts its own woven fabric and commission finishes knitted fabrics for knitters, jobbers, and various apparel manufacturers in the trade, as well as for its own use.

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